CardGals Ep. 1 : Covering Kershaw, Cuban Jay, and Kelly Sent Away

Discussed in this episode: pitching match-up for Game 1 of the NLDS, a closer look at Jon Jay (and his hair) this season, and a few rants about trading Kelly to the Bo Sox. 

Addendum: to clarify, HBP counts were considering current player tallies only. And Pierzynski is actually the 10th most HBP, not 17th - my bad. Wonder how many of those were intentional…

Holliday HBP - Love, Kershaw

A slightly disrespectful depiction of Jon Jay’s resemblance to King Tut:

The tearful interview with Joe Kelly has since been taken down. In replacement, we offer this video of our favorite hip-shaking, Jim Hayes harassing, Nelly pranking, stumbling baby giraffe.