Cards vs. Mets (07/17/15 - 07/19/15)

This episode highlights the Cards' series against the New York Mets at Busch.

Not much to highlight from this series, so here are a few randoms for your viewing enjoyment. First off is this little beauty snapped during game 2 of this series. 

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Random fun fact: 1956 was the only year in which the "Birds on the Bat" did not appear on the Cardinal's uniform since its first appearance in the 1920's. It's brief disappearance is blamed on dear old "Frantic" Frank Lane who will forever be remembered in this city as the guy who tried to trade Stan the Man to the Phillies - a deal which was immediately thwarted by Gussie Busch.

Last, here's a random comment on a Post Dispatch article addressing the KC/STL rivalry. Or lack there of:

“I go to a school where there’s a large mixture of Chicago, St. Louis, and KC students. I know my place when it comes to Chicago as a city compared to STL. The best is when KC fans get into it with me and say St. Louis is a s*** city, then the Chicago students jump in and say at least STL is relevant enough to be worth the time to call it a s*** city. Then the Chicago and STL fans laugh and point at the KC fans then dance off into the sunset holding hands.”