Cards vs. Rockies (07/30/15 - 08/02/15)

Today's episode focuses on the Cards' home series against the Colorado Rockies.

*After recording this episode, we realized that Chapman still works for the Reds. Must have been taken in by reports from the fake Ken Rosenthal. Bummer.

Poor Oquendo never gets any respect. He just blew right through that stop sign.

Heyward Jose

John Axford will forever live on in Cardinal memory. Every hump day.

Here's the article on Rick Ankiel's wife and the work she's done to make trades a little easier. Though I'm not sure even her nifty app could have kept the tears away from 8-year vet Wilmer Flores when he found out about the "trade" that would have sent him to the Brew-Crew (I'd cry too).

Best comment left on this video: "Aw, don't listen to these meanies Wilmer. Come to my kitchen, I've got cookie dough, and hugs." -NMN68