Cards @ Cubs (09/18/15 - 09/20/15)

Welcome to Chicago! Official Home of The Corked Bat! 

(Fair warning: this episode contains more rants than baseball. We hate the Cubs.)

Unfortunately, our troubles did not finish with Princess Maddon either. Do these faces look like they believe Lynn is "fine"? 

Meanwhile, I ran across the picture below taken just before game time...

 Probably just paying him back for a pizza or something... Or maybe paying him to turn a blind eye to that pizz-ah Holliday's FACE he tried to blast off!


May as well learn now, kids. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.


But we'll end this post with what really deserved more attention than any of the previously mentioned: Heyward's double play.

Jason Heyward

... and Yadi's injury. Just not sure if it should be hashtaged "Worth It" or "Bring Back AJ".