United Cardinal Blogger Awards

In this episode we go over our favorites, biggest disappointments, and other randoms in our discussion of this year's United Cardinal Blogger Awards ballot.


1.) Player of the Year: L&H: Matt Carpenter

2.) Pitcher of the Year: L: Seung-hwan Oh; H: Carlos Martinez

3.) Game of the Year: L: October 1 vs. PittsburghH: July 27 at Mets

4.) Surprise Player of the Year: L: Jedd Gyrko; H: Aledmys Diaz

5.) Disappointing Player of the Year: L: Trevor Rosenthal; H: Jaime Garcia

6.) Rookie of the Year: L&H: Aledmys Diaz

7.) Acquisition of the Year: L&H: Seung-hwan Oh

8.) Most Anticipated Cardinal: L&H: None yet...

9.) Best Individual Cardinal Blog: L&H: C70 at the Bat

10.) Best Team Blog: L&H: Viva El Birdos

11.) Best Media Coverage: L: Benjamin HochmanH: Jenifer Langosch

12.) Best Post of the Year: L: ”Cardinals Find Perfect Timing as Playoff Hopes Crash” -- Bill, I70 Baseball; H: "Turn the Page on Jason Heyward" -- Dan Buffa, Red Bird Rants

13.) Best UCB Podcast: L: Gateway to Baseball HeavenH: Bird Seeds

14.) Best non-UCB Podcast: L&H: Viva El Birdos?

15.) Best Podcaster: L&H: Too awkward to answer...

16.) Best UCB Twitterer: L&H: What is this "twittering" you speak of?

Well, there you have it, guys! Make sure you guys get your votes in too by Friday evening (18th).