Fireman Moss and The Shredder

In today's episode: Can Brandon Moss' success with the A's translate to his fresh start with the Redbirds? And while Nick Punto may be long gone from STL, his reputation as the 2011 Shredder still strikes fear into the Cardinals faithful.

The Shredder shows no mercy. Respects no boundaries.   

His reputation as a reckless head-first slider has prompted entire histories of his long, loud, drift through the majors. His visits have turned mundane news stories to epics of survival, endurance, and Skip Schumacher jokes.

Despite it all, everyone still loves him. In Minnesota they loved him enough to give him his own song. And when I use the word "song", I mean it in its most primitive definition.

Now for this week's horrendous photoshop I was going to do Nick Punto as a paper shredder, but thanks to the blackhole of the internet I ended up google imaging "shredder accidents" and will now probably be dry heaving the rest of the evening. Instead, here's a picture of a cute puppy, and Brandon Moss as a firefighter - after - a vicious Nick Punto shredding attack.   

Partial photo credit: charleston firefighter calendar

Last, here is the actual ransom note from the Indian relievers for Moss' 100 career homer.

Photo credit: @Indians Twitter