Left, Right, and Wrong

Episode 89 of CardGals brings you discussions on the cross dominance of former Cardinal Ryan Ludwick, and thoughts on the wrongs that were dealt to new acquisition Ruben Tejada.

We'll get things started off right with Ludwick's worst ever interview, courtesy of former teammate Brendan Ryan.

If you made it through that video, you may as well waste some more time and test your eye dominance. 

Photo credit: elbowrevive.com & diyphotography.net

Photo credit: elbowrevive.com & diyphotography.net

Lastly, let's take a look at the nasty slide Tejada experienced just a few months ago resulting in a broken fibula.

The Hobbling Hero takes a bow: 

Of course that wasn't Utley's first time to the rodeo. He tried the same move on us in the 2011 NLDS against us. Only real difference? No broken leg, no suspension.

Perhaps the reason a seemingly laidback guy like Tejada is reluctant to forgive Mr. Slip 'n Slide is that they've had a run-in before...