Lilli and LaRue

In this episode we resume our lookbacks at former Cardinal Jason LaRue and our current pitching coach.

With our focus on LaRue's untimely exit from his last season, let's have a look at some of the other most unsportsmanlike moments in baseball. We'll start with Delmon Young, the young "winner" we talked about in the podcast whose career is dotted with headbutts, bat slings, racial slurs, and choke holds. And yet he continued to be signed to multi-million dollar contracts until his release in July of last year.

And then there was Izzy Alcantara's little karate stunt. Though I'm sure what Izzy did was just the materialization of many a beaned hitters' fantasy.

And then there was one of the infamous Yanks and Bo-Sox fights where three-time Cy-Young award winner Pedro Martinez took down 72 year-old Don Zimmer. In Pedro's defense, the old man was coming for him. And Martinez would later write that his handling of that situation was the one regret of his career.

Credit: Fox

Credit: Fox